Village of McComb Council Members

The McComb Village Council meets on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers located at the Administration Building, 210 E. Main Street, McComb, Ohio.  Council meeting are open to the public.

Village Council

Council President Cathy Schroll
Phone: 419-722-3312
Council Term: 1-1-2018-12-31-2022

Council Vice President Brenda Mygrant
Phone: 210-488-2204
Council Term: appointed 11-12-18 -12-31-2021

Council Member Leslie Seele
Phone: 419-293-4068
Council Term: Appointed: 2-22-16 -12-31-19

Council Member Gordon Myers
Phone: 419-293-2115
Council Term: 1-1-2018-12-31-2022

Council Member Carol Cary
Phone: 419-293-7090
Council Term: 1-1-10 - 12-31-17

Council Member Jim Clark
Phone: 419-293-3469
Council Term: 1-11-16 - 12-31-19