Council and Mayoral Information

Village Council Members

President:         Gordon Myers    419-293-2115 Hm.                          

Vice President:  Leslie Seele       419-293-4068 Hm. 419-306-6653 Cell  
                          Dennis Turner    419-293-2591 Hm.  419-348-6692 Cell
                          Carol Cary         419-293-7090 Hm.  419-250-9062 Cell  ccary@villageofmccomb.

                          Robin Rader      419-293-4053 Hm.  419-889-7210 Cell
                          James Clark      419-293-3468 Hm.                           

  Mayor:       Charles Latta          419-293-9023 Hm. 419-348-6671 Cell          



Village Staff

The Village staff includes the Village Administrator, Utility Secretary, Fiscal Officer, Tax Administrator, Water Treatment Operator and Supervisor, Waste Water Treatment Operator and Supervisor, as well as a Street Department. The Village hires seasonal employees for the park and pool during the spring and summer months.