Council and Mayoral Information

Village Council Members

President:         Gordon Myers    419-293-2115 Hm.                          

Vice President:  Leslie Seele       419-293-4068 Hm. 419-306-6653 Cell  
                          Dennis Turner    419-293-2591 Hm.  419-348-6692 Cell
                          Carol Cary         419-293-7090 Hm.  419-250-9062 Cell  ccary@villageofmccomb.

                          Robin Rader      419-293-4053 Hm.  419-889-7210 Cell
                          James Clark      419-293-3468 Hm.                           

  Mayor:       Charles Latta          419-293-9023 Hm. 419-348-6671 Cell          



Village Staff

The Village staff includes the Village Administrator, Utility Secretary, Fiscal Officer, Tax Administrator, as well as a Street Department. The Village hires seasonal employees for the park and pool during the spring and summer months.