Location, Population and Governmental Overview

McComb is located 10 miles northwest of Findlay, Ohio and 45 miles south of Toledo, Ohio. McComb has been rated as “one of the best communities in Hancock County for young people”.  The village is in the northwest corner of Hancock County and has a population of 1,648, according to the 2010 census.    Hancock County has a total population of approximately 74,000.

The Village of McComb enjoys a small town atmosphere and close proximity to some larger city amenities.  The Village of McComb has an elected Mayor and Council form of government. The full-time Village Administrator manages day-to-day operations of the Village. The Fiscal Officer is responsible for overseeing all Village finances.
The Village staff includes the Village Administrator, Utility Secretary, Fiscal Officer, Tax Administrator as well as a Street Department.  The Village hires seasonal employees for the park and pool during the spring and summer months