McComb Community Profile

Industrial Site Access

 Highways:  The Village of McComb has three State Highways that run through the Village. 

State Route 235 runs north-south, adjacent to a proposed industrial site for the area. 

State Route 186 enters the Village in the southeast corner and passes by a Village owned 43 acre parcel, continuing due north, ending at Main Street.

State Route 613 runs east-west through the Village as our Main Street and along the southern border of a proposed industrial site.  Approximately 8 miles east, State Route 613 intersects with Interstate 75, the busiest north-south highway in the country.

 Railroads:  The Norfolk and Southern Railroad runs through the center of the Village.  The railroad is adjacent to a proposed industrial site located on the west side of the Village.

 Airports:  The city of Findlay’s Municipal airport is approximately 11 miles from the proposed site.  The facility includes two runways that are 6,000 feet each and a small terminal. 
The Village of McComb is located 50 miles from the Toledo Express Airport, which is the 15th largest cargo airport in the country.  The main runway length is 10,600 feet and allows Toledo Express to accommodate airplanes of all sizes.

McComb is approximately 7 miles south from the CSX Intermodal Complex located on SR 18 in North Baltimore Ohio.


  Water:  Is provided by Northwestern Water and Sewer District located in Bowling Green Ohio.

  Sanitary Sewer:  Is provided by Northwestern Water and Sewer District located in Bowling Green Ohio.

 Natural Gas:  The Village of McComb is unique in that it owns and operates its own natural gas system.  The Village has adequate capacity to service the entire Village and any new businesses interested in expanding or relocating within its service area.

  Electricity:  Electric service is provided by American Electric Power (AEP).  Adequate capacity is available to provide service to businesses or industries locating in the Village.  Both 12 kilowatt and 24.5 kilowatt lines are available in the Village.  For more information regarding rates, contact AEP customer relations at 419-420-3000.