Community Food Pantry New Hours for 2017

  • Dates: 20 Feb, 2016 – 17 Jun, 2017
  • <strong>Location:</strong> McComb, Oh
  • <strong>Address:</strong> 112 W. Main Street
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Contact: Diane Parker
  • <strong>Phone:</strong> 419-788-5513

The McComb Community Food Pantry will be changing to a Community Center in 2017. This center will be for the McComb/Hoytville area.

The Food Pantry will be open every Tuesday evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m..

They are looking for volunteers to be a part of the center. They will hold budget classes and other classes, as well.

There needs to be some construction projects done prior to the New part opening. There needs to be two bathroom put in and some new windows. They have received a grant from the Community Foundation in Findlay for that. But they can use volunteers to help with these projects. If you are able to help with any of this construction please contact Diane Parker at the number listed below.

There has been an increase in the amount of calls to the churches, and many of churches are using all of the funds for the same people. They would like to set up a system for ALL the people that call the churches for assistance to be sent to the Community Center first, they will have all the info for them to get assistance. The center will be set up with computers, information, and products for any kind of assistance.

They will go through the center first. They will have food, clothes, household items, home improvement items, furniture, and information for not only our area but other area’s assistance programs. They would like to have the churches strongly involved in this action. They would like for each one to have a resource sheet for them. This sheet should have any assets available.

If you could donate a coat or fix a car, make a blanket for a new born baby, donate a toy, give an hour to sit with an elderly person, or pay one utility bill, anything is welcome.

If you have any ideas please contact Diane Parker at 419-788-5513 or