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As everyone knows by now. NWWSD, has been doing a lot of work in the Village.

They have done $220,600.00 worth of work at the Water Treatment Plant. They have been working on our Water Distribution System to the tune of $281.000.00. They will be repairing a waterline break at Todd and Main by the end of the month and hope to fix a water pressure problem on Main St.

They have done $17,000.00 worth of work at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

They have also done lots of work on the Sewer Collection System. They have cleaned the sewers, Smoke Tested to confirm that 31 catch basins are connected to the sanitary sewer system, Sewer Slip Lining on Oliver to alleviate a problem there, they still have more to do there. They have used Closed Circuit TV on Oliver and Perrin for a cost of $83000.00.

This is all before we have even signed the contracts. They are taking very good care of us. Tell them thank you when you see them out and about.


Below are the results of the Water Analysis for the tests sent in on Nov.17th 2015, these results came back in December.

Each sheet has the location of the test.
Results Ohio EPA1Scan
Results Ohio EPA2Scan

Rest assured we are working diligently to make sure our water system is working the way it was meant to. We are still in talks with Northwestern Water and Sewer District.

The letter from the EPA stated that we received a 2016 license to operate (LTO) a public water system (PWS) for the Village.

We were issued the Yellow LTO with conditions due to violations of drinking water regulations at the PWS. This license has to be displayed where the public can see it.

It is posted on the front door glass of the water treatment plant and at the Village office.

The license is conditioned through January 30, 2017 with certain requirements.

We discussed the requirements to make sure all of them were being complied with. We have been informed that everything is being done as required.

We are going forward with a Master Plan, so we can avoid this problem in the future.

We also discussed a piece of equipment namely an Aztec 600 Manganese Analyzer that is needed at the water plant to monitor the Manganese as it first starts to enter our system.

We are waiting for the quotes to be received.
Listed below is a copy of the letter we received.
Ohio EPA1Scan   Ohio EPA2Scan  Ohio EPA3Scan





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